Nanako LIU studied Fashion Business Program in New York City.
She then worked in worldwide advertising companies for 9 years in Taiwan
and in that time worked with agencies like Ogilvy, JWT, and Leo Burnett.

In 2016, she received a film camera—a Nikon FM2—from her father.

She started to study darkroom photography and worked hard to develop her skills
to do something creative, ultimately combining the darkroom with photo installation.

She now lives in Taipei working as a film photographer and literary writer.

2020 As Times Goes by,Homey’s Cafe,Taipei,Taiwan
2020 Wet Memory,Gardencity bookstore,Taipei,Taiwan
2020 Kau-á-bué Faces ,Hualien Performing Public Space Festival,Hualien,Taiwan
2021  Our Wet Memories,International Festival of Experimental Photography (EXP.21),Barcelona,Spain
2022 Rollo(The Rolling Art Project),Israel,Taiwan
2022 An Untitled Document - WEI MING MING Inaugural Exhibition,WEI MING MING,Taiwan
2022 /ˈärˌkīv/ anth(r)opogeny in contemporary photography , IEFC,Barcelona,Spain

Featured in 
2021 Aeonian Magazine: Experimetal Photography , July No.5,  global publication

2021 Creation research supported by National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)



展出自動機械水力的攝影裝置 「潮濕記憶」。

2021年得到衛武營國家藝術中心創作支持, 今年獲文化部與衛武營遴選10位台灣藝術家與以色列交流代表,
作品「There」以手繪電影探討攝影與光的神秘性。創作橫跨暗房攝影 / 膠卷電影 / 裝置 / 行為展演,

2022 /ˈärˌkīv/ anth(r)opogeny in contemporary photography , IEFC攝影中心,巴賽隆納,西班牙
2022 巫式田野117,未命名文件,未命名,台北,台灣
2022 Rollo—臺灣.以色列藝術創作交流展演計畫,以色列&衛武營,台灣
2021  Our Wet Memories ,EXP21.國際實驗攝影節,巴賽隆納,西班牙
2020 溝仔尾群像,花蓮城市空間藝術節,花蓮文創園區,台灣
2020 台北潮濕,當紅燈亮起聯展,田園城市風格書店,台北,台灣
2020 彼時,Homey’s Cafe,台北,台灣

2021 衛武營高雄雄厲害演出創意計畫

2021 Aeonian 實驗攝影雜誌,7月號,全球發行
2021 散文<小紅>,主編精選,中華副刊0602
2022 散文<生日>,中華副刊1014



BarBEER/CITY CAFE/全聯福利中心/多喝水/麥當勞/惠氏/帝亞吉歐/Samsung...and more.

2013 4A廣告獎 最佳網路創意 銀獎
2013 4A廣告獎 最佳病毒創意 金獎
2013 時報華文 網路廣告影音類 銀獎
2014 龍璽創意獎 攏合廣告金獎
2014 龍璽創意獎 最佳攏合文案
2014 金手指 年度最佳網路廣告獎
2014 AD Stars 釜山國際廣告獎Final List
2015 AD Stars 釜山國際廣告獎Final List
2016 時報亞太廣告獎 公益類(Public Interest)銀獎
2016 時報華文金像獎 創新營銷類銀獎
2016 時報華文金像獎 金手指網路獎 病毒行銷銀獎
2016 時報華文金像獎 金手指網路獎 公益項銅獎
2016 時報華文金像獎 影片類佳作
2017 時報華文金像獎 影片類銀獎
2017 時報華文金像獎 影片類銅獎
2017 The Work 國際廣告年鑑入選
2017 英國The Drum評選亞太最佳創意
2018 上海國際廣告獎 內容行銷類銀獎
2021 4A廣告獎 最佳數位內容文案創意獎 佳作


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Our Wet Memoris

in International Festival on Experimental Photography (EXP.21)


When i used to work in advertising company, 
i feel myself like goldfish locked in the pool.
Sometimes I even feel myself drown out by life waves.

This exhibition we put selected photo prints into a water tank
with a bobble machine and detergent.
After 15 days, those photo prints become auto-destructive art.
The photo pool is a live disappear process.

The issue I want to discuss is: how could we hold a moment forever?
Moments and memories will fade away, even if we took a photo and tried hard to keep it.
Photography is the way we remember until it become a empty space.


Selected Artist
Sabine Skodda(Germany),Mathilde Salsi (France),Sara Bensaltana(France)
Heather Palecek(America),Carlos Baselga(Spain)
Paula Dornan(France), Agata Tomasiewicz(Portland)

Work together with Director Pablo Giori
Exhibiton photo by IG@grisphto &  Pablo Giori & EXP.21 team


20 July - 8 September
IEFC, Barcelona
Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya

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