Our Wet Memoris

in International Festival on Experimental Photography (EXP.21)


When i used to work in advertising company, 
i feel myself like goldfish locked in the pool.
Sometimes I even feel myself drown out by life waves.

This exhibition we put selected photo prints into a water tank
with a bobble machine and detergent.
After 15 days, those photo prints become auto-destructive art.
The photo pool is a live disappear process.

The issue I want to discuss is: how could we hold a moment forever?
Moments and memories will fade away, even if we took a photo and tried hard to keep it.
Photography is the way we remember until it become a empty space.


Selected Artist
Sabine Skodda(Germany),Mathilde Salsi (France),Sara Bensaltana(France)
Heather Palecek(America),Carlos Baselga(Spain)
Paula Dornan(France), Agata Tomasiewicz(Portland)

Work together with Director Pablo Giori
Exhibiton photo by IG@grisphto &  Pablo Giori & EXP.21 team


20 July - 8 September
IEFC, Barcelona
Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya

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